Atlas Fucks His Hot Stepson

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Dante was telling his friend that his mom got married again. His new step father was very good looking. Strong, hairy, full of tattoos. Dante was studying when his step dad, Atlas Grant came home. Atlas was about to go to the shower but decided to get a glass of milk and some cookies first. A towel was wrapped around his waist. As he was offering milk and cookies to Dante he tripped and spilled the milk over Dante’s desk. Quickly he took his towel to dry the milk. Dante was surprised by the big dick and the cock ring. Atlas went to shower but Dante got curious. He sneaked after him, opened the bathroom door and started to film him. This was so hot that Dante opened his pants and started to masturbate. When Atlas saw that he was being recorded he jumped at Dante, pinned him against the wall and grabbed his throat. He held Dante’s dick and asked “Do you like this”? Dante hesitated but then said yes. Atlas threw Dante on the bed and stuck his thumb up his ass. Dante was moaning. Then he pounded his ass hard. He fucked him in several positions, then put a belt around his neck and was choking him while fucking him doggy. What a nice way to cum.
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