Rubber Ass Turns Real

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Atlas Grant was excited. His new sex toy arrived and his room mates were out. Perfect time to spoil himself. He rushed to his bedroom and unpacked it. It was a perfectly shaped rubber ass with a tiny butthole. He examined it with his fingers. Then he took off his pants and started to fuck it with his dick. He enjoyed it a lot. So much that he didn’t even hear Bar Addison and Sir Jet come home and sneak behind him. When they saw what he was doing they decided to prank him. They rang the doorbell. While Atlas was checking the door, they ran to his bedroom, one of them covered himself with a blanket and stuck his ass out while his buddy took the rubber ass and hid in the closet. Atlas came back. There was still a beautiful ass on his bed so went back to fucking it. Only after a while he realized that somebody was under the blanket. Surprise. Oh well. Guess now he would have to fuck both of them. The three of them fucked and sucked in all different positions until there was triple sperm all over Atlas
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