You Are My Farm Fuck Boy Now!

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Bar Addison got hired to clean up a yard full of trash. But instead of working he decided to watch some Gaywire trailers and to jerk off. Draven Navarro who hired him saw the young boy sitting there, masturbating. That looked kind of hot so he started to masturbate himself. Until his phone rang. Both guys seemed caught. Draven jumped to the side, hiding. Bar jumped up and started to run. He ran around the corner and was hiding in a barn building. Draven quickly found him. This is how you are working? Why don’t we have some fun first and then go back to work, Bar suggested. Suggestion accepted Draven pulled down his pants and shove his dick into Bar’s mouth. I’m gonna get my money’s worth! After a long bj, Draven pushed Bar against a tractor and started to pound him from the back. Then he made him ride him, fucked him fast and well!!! Then some missionary in and out until Draven came all over bar. Then he stuck his dick back into Bar’s ass and Bar jacked himself off until he came too.
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