Tristan and Dale’s 3some with Stepdad

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Eddy Ceetee brings his step son Tristan Hunter to his job today for ‘Bring Your Kid To Work Day”. Eddy steps out of the office to have a meeting with his coworker, Dale Savage, and leaves Tristan alone. Tristan finds a huge dildo in his stepdads drawer and decides to spice things up at the office. He starts to fuck the dildo, but when his stepdad walks in on him, he’s scared that he might be in big trouble. Luckily for Tristan, Eddy wants to join in on the fun. Eddy starts to eat Tristan’s ass and then they finally start fucking. Dale walks in by accident and doesn’t want to feel left out. Eddy and Dale both take turns sucking Tristan’s dick before it all turns into a sex party in the office between the three of them.
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