Johnny V Fucks A Sex Toy

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Johnny V ordered a sex toy torso online. Finally it arrived. He was very excited. He quickly unwrapped it and started to rub his dick against the torso’s dick. Then he put the torso dick up his ass and started to ride it. His friend Adonis Couverture just arrived and see him through the door. He quickly had an idea. He ran around the house, opened a window and shouted that he needed Johnny’s help. Johnny was startled that somebody else was in the house. He hid the torso and went to look. Meanwhile Adonis sneaked in through the balcony door, replaced the torso with himself. Covered his face and feet and just his dick was standing up. Obviously when Johnny returned he thought it was the torso and he started to ride it again. When he found it it was actually Adonis both men laughed. They started to fuck. First riding. Then doggy. Last not least Adonis was pounding Johnny’s ass in missionary. Both men came and lived happily ever after.
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