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Every guy wants to suck off a straight dude. But nothing beats sucking a straight guy’s dick that doesn’t know it’s a gay guy sucking his dick. Here on Ungloryhole, you’ll see straight guys line their dick up to shove into a glory hole because they think a hot chick is about to suck them off, but their load is actually going all over the guy’s face that is blowing them. It doesn’t take much convincing of the guys to get them to go to the back and once they see the girl, their dicks are usually hard in an instant. Guys, straight and gay, love a good glory hole. But gay guys love a nice tricked straight dick. Almost always the straight guy talks about how it’s they haven’t ever had a better blowjob in his life. Funny how he’ll never know that it was a guy that gave him the best cocking ever. It’ll inspire you to find your own gloryhole.